The Squad’s aim is to provide coaching and training for competing in the International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF) pistol & rifle events.  The skills are transferable to national and club level shooting.  If you are an active ‘open’ competition pistol or rifle shooter and live in or around the Region, the Squad may be for you.  It is open to shooters who are willing to work with a coach to improve their performance in competition.   

We train regularly in 10m Air Pistol and Rifle and 50m rimfire rifle at the West Midlands Shooting Centre, Wolverhampton (NSRA Aldersley).  See our  ‘Programme’.  Members need to have access to the necessary equipment and be willing to contribute to the Squad’s costs, which we keep to a minimum.  See About us

You will be expected to compete in open competions, at least within the Region.  We want to hear from shooters who are prepared to work with a coach to achieve their goals.  Young and junior (U21) shooters are especially welcome.


We look forward to hearing from you, so Contact us.


We are not a club, so for inquiries about beginning shooting or finding a club, please contact the national or county governing bodies via our Useful  contacts.

Good shooting.

NSRA No 5706