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2017 programme

Regional 10m Champs, 4 June:

cancelled, we can't find an organizer.  Sorry.

Inter Regional 10m Matches,
17 Dec 16


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The Squad was formed to provide coaching and training for competitive shooters in the West Midlands in the International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF) pistol & rifle disciplines.  If you are an active 'open' competition pistol or rifle shooter, and live in or around the Region, the Squad may be for you. 

It is open to shooters willing to train, and with the guidance of a coach, to improve their performance and 'climb the shooting ladder'.  You may want to represent your country or your region, either way the Squad can help.

We regularly train in 10m Air Pistol and Rifle and 50m rimfire rifle at the West Midlands Regional Shooting Centre (WMRSC), Wolverhampton (See 'Programme') Shooters need to have the necessary equipment and be willing to contribute to the Squad's costs, which we keep to a minimum.  See About us.
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